DN514 Plus has become one of the industry standard multi-gate devices for both recording and live applications. Providing the same superb audio performance as its other 500 Plus – series, DN514 Plus packs four channels of frequency conscious gating into just 1RU. This provides a significant operational advantage, being able to tailor the operation of each gate to a specific frequency range.

The DN1248 PLUS from Klark Teknik is a twelve-channel active signal splitter that provides four discrete outputs, two of which are electronically balanced and two which are transformer isolated. The unit utilizes Midas Heritage series preamps that provide wide headroom and excellent sound.

The MPX 500 is powered by Lexicon’s proprietary Lexichip and boasts 24-bit digital converters and 24-bit internal processing. Additionally, S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs let you connect the unit directly to digital mixers, hard disk recorders, and other digital devices, bypassing the converters altogether.

Not only tempo, but actual rhythm patterns can be tapped directly on the unit for results that are sure to quickly whip your creativity to new highs. TC quality delays and effects. Multitap rhythm delay. Absolute repeat control.

The SPX1000 provides simultaneous processing-up to 5 effects at one time. Both «series» and «parallel» combinations are provided. With a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, it delivers full, flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Based on the technology of our ground-breaking Auto-Tune plug-in, the ATR-1 corrected the pitch of vocals or solo instruments, in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance.

Regardless of whether you process a single channel or a sum of channels, the Vitalizer® takes your sound to a professional level.

The Neutrik is a 1/4″ balanced patch bay, a great match for many project studios.