Kawai RX3 185cm | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

Kawai RX3 185cm

The RX-3 Professional Grand impresses with a dignified elegance and distinct tone evoking the qualities of a much larger grand. Its 6’1″ contour makes the RX-3 an ideal selection for high-end recording facilities, churches, small clubs and home studios. It boasts ample power and projection for the professional, and a delicate tonal quality and responsiveness for the skilled musician in the home. A few minutes on the RX-3 will explain why it is the choice of professional musicians around the world.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.kawaius.com


Rhodes Eighty Eight

The Rhodes piano is an electro-mechanical piano, invented by Harold Rhodes[1] during the 1950s. It was later manufactured in a number of models, first in collaboration with Fender who after 1965, was bought by CBS.

As a member of the electrophone sub-group of percussion instruments, it employs a piano-like keyboard with hammers that hit small metal tines, amplified by electromagnetic pickups. A 2001 New York Times article described the instrument as «a pianistic counterpart to the electric guitar» having a «shimmering, ethereal sound.»

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.fender.com

Yamaha Oak Custom drum set | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

Yamaha Oak Custom drum set

Following in the footsteps of our Birch, Maple, and Beech drum series, Oak shows great promise as a drum shell material. A solid fundamental delivers a powerful sound while its character allows for a unique shell size line up. Beautifully grained, this hardwood creates a drum with stunning looks.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://usa.yamaha.com

LP Giovanni Series set congas | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

LP Giovanni Series set congas

Giovanni Hidalgo has played a major role in shaping the way the world thinks about hand drumming, and has played LP exclusively for his entire career. Giovanni replicates sounds with his hands that drummers normally make with sticks. Ambidextrous, with faultless technical skills and superb musicality, he has created a style all his own. Giovanni’s LP product line includes the Palladium Congas, Compact Congas and Galaxy Congas, as well as bongos, timbales, djembes and bags.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.lpmusic.com

LP Timbales | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

LP Timbales

LP Timbales offer classic sound and excellent value. They can be used alone or added to a drum kit.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.lpmusic.com

LP Generation 2 bongos | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

LP Generation 2 bongos

The shells are 30″ deep and are constructed using three plies of Siam Oak with a layer of fiberglass in the upper portion of the shell for additional strength. The drums are equipped with LP’s exclusive Comfort Curve Rims for easy playing and natural rawhide heads for incredibly true tone.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.lpmusic.com

Emin darbuka | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

Emin darbuka

The percussion instruments of Middle East and the Balkans, all handcrafted and manufactured with the long time experience, knowledge and aesthetic skills combined.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.eminpercussion.net

Various percussions (Udu / Djempe / Cajon etc)

Mesa Boogie Express | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

Mesa Boogie Express

Take the 5:25, running EL-84’s out of London straight to the studio for the ultimate big sounding, little amp. Or, catch the 5:50 running 6L6’s out of Fullerton, heading uptown to the gig. These new amplifiers are the direct line to Tone City.

Both 25 and 50- watt models feature four inspiring modes from two opposite personalities spread across two fully independent channels.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.mesaboogie.com

Fender Twin Reverb '67 | Cue Music Recordings Mastering

Fender Twin Reverb ’67

This amp has seen action in every imaginable venue and remains indispensable to this day. Be it rock, jazz, country or anything else, this is what a clean electric guitar sounds like – or add an upside-down Stratocaster® guitar and a fuzz box …

The 85-watt (at 4 ohms) reissue ’65 Twin Reverb® features four 6L6 Groove Tubes® output tubes, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 12AT7 preamp tubes, two 12” 8-ohm Jensen® C-12K speakers, dual channels (normal and vibrato), Fender® reverb, vibrato, two-button reverb and vibrato on-off footswitch, tilt-back legs, black textured vinyl covering and silver grille cloth.

Visit manufacturer’s website: http://www.fender.com