Mastering On Line | Studio Recording Mastering Music Productions. Cue Studio Records is a modern and well-equipped recording and mastering studio in Thessaloniki.

Mastering On Line

Mastering is the last important stage in the production process, just before the release of CDs, DVDs and Vinyl or the distribution of WAVs and MP3s for iTunes. With the help of appropriate analogue and digital tools, Cue’s Studio Record mastering engineer will give your songs the professional quality of transmission that they deserve for the record company or radio show.

Mastering your music plays a major role in trusting the sound mastering engineer about the sense and understanding of your musical intentions. In this you can rely on the mechanic – producer Yannis Mavridis to optimize your musical pieces, which with his “expert ears” will provide you with objective assessments. At Cue Studio Records we give real attention to the detail of the sound and provide personal advice on the musical themes that concern you.

The Cue Studio Records is acoustically tuned to ensure the best possible playback quality of your music and get the best mastering decisions. You yourself choose where to focus and it is our job to understand your needs and desires in relation to your music. For us to do our work is fun.

Mastering On Line

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