Phil Jones Piranha 4B cab | Studio Recording Mastering Music Productions. Cue Studio Records is a modern and well-equipped recording and mastering studio in Thessaloniki.

Phil Jones combos and cabs employ multiple 5-inch drivers exclusively, and both the Suitcase and 4B extension cab each feature four of these ferocious little piranhas. The output of four of these mini-woofers is comparable to a heavy-duty 10-inch woofer-that is, if you could find one with a massively huge 4-inch voice coil. Taking a closer look at the controls and features, the Suitcase provides two channels, each with its own 5-band EQ. This is especially useful on doubling gigs, allowing you to dial in a tone that works for each instrument; or to control feedback on the upright without mucking up the tone of your electric bass.

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